The BLUEsat Group is a collection of undergraduate students at UNSW Australia dedicated to creating easy-to-access space technology.

The mission of the group is to take on practical space engineering projects and in doing so, give undergraduate engineering students hands-on experience on space technology. The group is currently undertaking three projects –

  • Development of a stratospheric balloon vehicle for scientific experiments
  • Development of a CubeSat satellite
  • Construction of a Mars Rover

BLUEsat was started in 1997 as the Basic Low-Earth Orbit UNSW Experimental Satellite (BLUEsat) project, aimed at designing, building and launching the first undergraduate satellite in Australia. With the completion and demonstration of our first prototype in early 2013, the Group expanded its operations to include research into emerging CubeSat technologies, off-world rovers and near space experimental platforms.

BLUEsat is always looking for new members, if you are interested in joining please take a look at the Join page.