BLUEsat UNSW is a student space society, with a mission to give students real-world experience in multi-disciplinary space engineering projects, and promote space technology in Australia.

Founded in 1997, the society began as a single project to develop a low earth orbit satellite. However, in recent years the group has expanded to include a broader range of projects including:

  • Development of a Mars Rover to compete in international competitions.
  • Development of CubeSat systems and missions.
  • Development of Stratospheric Balloon Vehicles for high altitude equipment testing and other projects.
  • Management of a nanosatellite groundstation.

The project is wholly run by students at UNSW Sydney, Australia. Members learn practical technical skills, and cross-disciplinary work practises, whilst also gaining leadership and project management experience.

As well as our engineering teams BLUEsat also has members working on media, events, and finance; and runs outreach activities to promote space engineering and STEM.

BLUEsat is always looking for new members, if you are interested in joining please take a look at the Join page.