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The Australian Space Program: Part 1

Australian space, Australia from space, Earth
We have a space program. After decades of lobbying both for and against, the Australian government announced their intentions to restructure the disparate government departments involved with coordinating a national space policy into one entity. This left many people excited about the possibilities, but the question remains: what does this mean for Australian space?...

May 2018 Monthly Update

Prototype CubeSat ADC consisting of three levels of PCBS with metal wheels inbetween for the ADCs
This has been an eventful month for BLUEsat UNSW, with our previous President and Secretary, Helena Kertesz and Harry J.E Day,  stepping down from their executive positions at BLUEsat. The EGM welcomed Raghav Hariharan as the new President, Anita Smirnov as the new Secretary and Bohan Deng as the new Arc Delegate. Rover From the Rover...