BLUEsat UNSW is a student space society, with a mission to give students real-world experience in multi-disciplinary space engineering projects, and promote space technology in Australia.

Founded in 1997, the society began as a single project to develop a low earth orbit satellite. Its original aim was to launch one of the first student satellites in Australia. For more than 20 years this has allowed the society to provide for students interested in developing the Australian Space Industry. However, in recent years the group has expanded to include a broader range of space-related projects including:

Off-World Robotics
    Off-World Robotics

    Development of Mars Rover to compete in international robotics competitions. This team provides UNSW students with a full range of robotics experience from low level PCB design and embedded programming to developing the robot's physical structure and user interface.


      Development of CubeSat systems and missions. In this project we have team members developing a number of CubeSat sub-systems. We also have a team working to develop a scientific payload involving space agriculture.

      High Altitude Balloon Project
        High Altitude Balloon Project

        Development of Stratospheric Balloon Vehicles for high altitude equipment testing and other projects. This multi-displinary team regularly sends payloads to the edge of space, and is currently working on a joint project with NATO and the University of Pisa.


          Management of a nanosatellite groundstation. Team members train in the use of satellite groundstation equipment, actively develop our groundstation capability, and talk to real satellites.

          The society is wholly run by students at UNSW Sydney, Australia. Members learn practical technical skills, and cross-disciplinary work practises, whilst also gaining leadership and project management experience.

          As well as our engineering teams BLUEsat also has members working on media, events, and finance; and runs outreach activities to promote space engineering and STEM.

          Sounds interesting? BLUEsat UNSW is always looking for new members. We accept UNSW Sydney students of all experience levels, and disciplines. All you need is a passion for space, robotics, or engineering, or even just a desire to gain real world experience! If you are interested in getting involved in the society please take a look at the Join page.

          Our Latest Blogs

          October 2018 Monthly Update

          BLUEsat members at the Tech Connect Networking event
          We've had an exciting month this October, with much more to come in the following weeks! A lot of future planning has been done on the technical side of things, as well as several fun events like an Optus Satellite Tour, dice kit workshops, showcasing our projects at a networking morning event hosted by UNSW Tech Connect and more!  Rover From the Software Team The Off World Robotics Software team has been in planning mode this month in preparation for the work required on many major systems over the coming year. While little programming has been done, due to theses being due and...

          BLUEsat’s ERC Ventures and Adventures

          The NUMBAT Rover arm picking up a tool against a background of Red "Mars" soil at the European Rover Challenge.
          Our trip to Poland was one hell of an adventure, with a lot of on-the-spot engineering, things breaking and being fixed (or "fixed" in some cases), panicked runs carrying the rover and our groundstation gear to the European Rover Challenge (ERC) competition grounds and much more. After over 24 hours of travel, of two planes and a scenic car ride thanks to accidental detours, we arrived at our 10-day home in Starachowice, Poland. On that same day, we reassembled the rover, excited for the days ahead. The next few days were filled with a lot of testing of subsystems,...

          High Altitude Balloon Launch 29 Sept 2018

          The BLUEsat High Altitude Balloon team inflating a stratospheric balloon on the back of a ute.
          For anyone wondering what the High-Altitude Ballooning (HAB) team has been up to over the last few months - don’t worry, we have not been slacking off! The team has been hard at work developing a payload capable of logging a multitude of different types of data as well as a platform which could deliver it into the stratosphere. This blog will recount the highlights of the mission and an overview of the systems inside our payload, for the more technically-curious. A recount of the mission The trip began with some last-minute logistical issues with regards to site approval but nevertheless, we...