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On the 22nd of July, BLUEsat concluded its annual Winter Amateur Radio Training session for 2018 with an amazing pass rate of every participant in this year’s cohort! Special thanks are delivered to the St George Amateur Radio Society (SGARS), for their support and enthusiasm to see the next generation of Australia radio operations come to success.Groundstation team setting up radio

Amateur Radio (HAM Radio) is the practice of using radio frequencies for different purposes; including the non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, recreation and emergency communications. BLUEsat uses this certification primarily in our projects for Off-World Robotics, Groundstation and High-Altitude Ballooning. This consequently requires members to participate in the Amateur Radio program in order to attain the certification to communicate on certain frequencies and at the required power levels.

Groundstation radio communication with EC0 CubeSat

However, not all participants necessarily study to gain permission to transmit without getting arrested. The program is very educational, with material involving electrical and electronics theory, inviting students with an interest in understanding more about radio and telecommunication technologies.

BLUEsat Amateur Radio 2018 graduates
BLUEsat Amateur Radio 2018 graduates

Amateur Radio is also a hobby, with an entire community of Amateur Radio station owners and operators, BLUEsat is one of the many in Australia and over the world. SGARS regularly hold gatherings, meetings and training session for HAM Radio veterans and newcomers. For the past 4 years, SGARS have facilitated over 30 UNSW examinees and more to come. BLUEsat’s next Amateur Radio program is likely to be held in the Summer of 2019 in order to avoid a clash with UNSW new trimester system. If you are interested, contact us here. If you cannot wait that long, SGARS holds regular training and examination session with schedules listed here.