Entries by William Chen

September 2018 Monthly Update

BLUEsat's rover driving
It was definitely the most eventful month of the year for BLUEsat. Placing 8th in the European Rover Challenge (ERC), attending the AEC as well as the successful balloon launch this past weekend. A huge round of applause to everyone for all your hard work this last month! The Rover teams are undergoing some design...

June 2018 Monthly Update

Connector board array on the NUMBAT rover
It has been another busy month at BLUEsat. Progress has been made with the NUMBAT rover in our Off-World Robotics Team, with work on connector boards, PCBs, the suspension system and a variety of new software features. The old BLUEtongue rover has been fixed and ready for use in rover driving sessions. The Satellite...

An Introduction to Lithium-ion Battery Charging

Batteries have become one of the most important devices in modern society with the rise in demand for portable devices,  smartphones becoming ubiquitous, and even cars shifting towards battery technology. Batteries are also very important in satellites, storing energy to power the system when solar energy is not available. Re-chargeable batteries can be charged by...