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We held our new agm today, and voted for our new executive. A big thank you to our outgoing executives Tom Dixon (Pres), Denis Wang (COO), Helena Kertesz (CTO – Off World Robotics), and Sam Wardhaugh(CTO Satellite), who have done a brilliant job this year leading the society this year. We have gone to ERC, establishing radio contact with the International Space Station through our groundstation and much more, and we look forward to another brilliant year of space engineering!

Congratulations to our new executive:

  • President: Helena Kertesz
  • COO: Kawai Leung
  • CTO – Satellite: Taofiq Huq
  • CTO – Off World Robotics: Nuno Das Neves

The BLUEsat team 2016-2017, on the globe lawn. Features Taofiq Huq, Helena Kertesz, Kawai Leung and Nuno Das Neves (LTR) on top of the globe.