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At the start of semester we ran a number of seminars on different skills that we use at BLUEsat. In the first of these videos, former Rover Software Team Lead, Harry J.E Day went through an introduction to “the Robotics Operating System” (ROS) covering setting up ROS catkin workspaces, and basic publishers and subscribers.

You will need the vm image from here:

The slides from this presentation can be found here:…


  • Some slides in the recording refer to “std_msg” there should be an ‘s’ on the end (i.e “std_msgs”)
  • On the slide “A Basic Node – CMakeLists.txt (cont)” there should only be one ‘o’ in “node.”
  • In step 4 of the “Publisher (cont)” section there should be an e on the end of “pub_node”
  • The person on the last slide was the first robotics COO at BLUEsat not CTO.

These have all been corrected in the slides.