Join Us

BLUEsat UNSW offers an amazing opportunity to gain hands-on experience with real, multi-disciplinary projects. If you are interested in space, want to be involved in a cool project, or simply looking for a good extra-curricular activity to put on your CV BLUEsat is the society to join!

Who’s eligible?

We welcome all UNSW undergraduate students, regardless of faculty or year level. We have active members in first year through to fifth and sixth year, from a large range of backgrounds.

If you are interested in working on satellite, robotics, or ground station projects and are a UNSW student then you are welcome, and we also have a growing operations team working on sponsorship and media outreach.

How do I join?

Send us an email at or just drop by room 419 of the Electrical Engineering Building. We accept new members at any time of the year, and meet every Saturday (including outside of semester for members that are available then).

I’m still not sure, what does BLUEsat offer me?

BLUEsat offers a very rare opportunity to work in a multi-disciplinary team. You’ll gain a lot of real world experience, and have more senior members providing opportunities to learn new skills and get ahead of your course work. In fact many BLUEsat members are course tutors in a number of different engineering schools.

If that doesn’t convince you there is also the possibility of overseas travel, BLUEsat’s Off World Robotics team recently sent five people to Poland to compete in the European Rover Challenge, whilst the satellite team sent two representatives to Canada for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge.