Satellite Ground Station

BLUEsat UNSW maintain a satellite ground station for use in UNSW space missions and communication education. We train members in operation, development of radio hardware and principles of satellite tellecommunications. In May of 2016, the BLUEsat ground station completed it’s Stage 1 re-commissioning by bouncing an APRS packet off the International Space Station.
The BLUEsat ground station is supported with the generous assistance of the St George and Waverly Amateur Radio Societies.

Ground Station Specs

  • Frequencies of Operation: UHF (Ultra High Frequency, ~436MHz) and VHF (Very High Frequency, ~144MHz)
  • Power Output: 17dBm (50W Yaesu FT-847)
  • Antennae Directionality: VHF 13.1 dBi gain, 36deg half-beam-width; UHF 17.6 dBi gain, 25deg half beam width
  • Downlink Amplified: 20db UHF LNA (LNA-70 from SSB)

Location: 33.917567 S, 151.2318 E

Interested in having BLUEsat support your space mission? Send us an email at