Swerve Drive

June 2018 Monthly Update

Connector board array on the NUMBAT rover
It has been another busy month at BLUEsat. Progress has been made with the NUMBAT rover in our Off-World Robotics Team, with work on connector boards, PCBs, the suspension system and a variety of new software features. The old BLUEtongue rover has been fixed and ready for use in rover driving sessions. The Satellite...

May 2018 Monthly Update

Prototype CubeSat ADC consisting of three levels of PCBS with metal wheels inbetween for the ADCs
This has been an eventful month for BLUEsat UNSW, with our previous President and Secretary, Helena Kertesz and Harry J.E Day,  stepping down from their executive positions at BLUEsat. The EGM welcomed Raghav Hariharan as the new President, Anita Smirnov as the new Secretary and Bohan Deng as the new Arc Delegate. Rover From the Rover...

BLUEtongue 2.0: Embedded Programming: ADCs on a PIC

The internal circuitry of the BLUEtongue Rover. Left: Custom PCB Board; Right: USB Hub; Centre: Motor Controllers and DC-DC Converters; Rear: Intel Nuc
Embedded Programming Wrapping up the BLUEtongue 2.0 Rover's Drive System series, following articles by Chris about the mechanical re-design of the system and Harry about the high-level software implementation, this article will outline the role of the embedded system in connecting the electrical motors to the high-level software. Primarily, this article will focus on analogue-to-digital converters...