Our Team

The BLUEsat UNSW team on UNSW Sydney's globle lawn after their EGM. Our EGM photos are taken on the globle lawn because of the "globe's" association with space.

BLUEsat is the proud work of several generations of UNSW Sydney undergraduates from a massive range of degrees. To give due credit to all these talented people would be impossible so we would like to extend our collected gratitude to those who have made BLUEsat what it is today. Thank you all!

The current team consists of roughly fifty students from a range of engineering and none-engineering degrees, from all of the different years, working on a number of different space projects including our mars rover, satellite systems, high-altitude ballooning, mission science and ground-station. We also have an active operations, media, and outreach team.

The Current BLUEsat UNSW Executive Team

Raghav Hariharan
    Raghav Hariharan

    Raghav Hariharan is currently in his second year studying Mechatronics combined with Computer Science. He was previously the Arc Delegate until he was elected for the role of president in May of 2018. He is extremely curious about the wonders and mysteries of space and is determined to share his passion and provide an opportunity for students to learn and develop their professional and academic skills whilst studying.

    Anita Smirnov
      Anita Smirnov

      Anita Smirnov is in her second year of a Mechatronic Engineering degree at UNSW, interested in combining her passions for robotics and art. Before her role as secretary, she was working on the software team for the 'NUMBAT' rover as well as helping manage BLUEsat's social media.

      Yasmin Akhtar
        Yasmin Akhtar

        Yasmin Akhtar is an Actuarial Studies and Commerce student at UNSW Sydney. She has a keen interest in finance as well as an enthusiasm for engineering, having experience in electrical building services design and BLUEsat UNSW allows her to combine these interests.

        Timothy Guo
          Timothy Guo
          Chief Techincal Officer - Satellites

          Timothy Guo is a Telecommunications and Commerce undergraduate at UNSW Sydney. He has previously lead BLUEsat's groundstation squad, leading a team of engineers to provide communications to UNSW's satellite, the EC0. He now endeavours to lead BLUESat's satellite tribe towards even greater plans.

          Thomas Renneberg
            Thomas Renneberg
            Chief Technical Officer - Robotics

            Thomas Renneberg is a 4th-year Mechanical Engineering student at UNSW. Thomas assumed the Off-World Robotics CTO position after a year of being the mechanical team lead and laying the foundation for BLUEsat's new rover. Aside from developing BLUEsat's new rover ``NUMBAT``, Thomas enjoys cooking and maintaining his vegetable garden.

            Bohan Deng
              Bohan Deng
              ARC Delegate

              Bohan Deng is a third year Aerospace Engineering student at UNSW Sydney who loves anything to do with space. Prior to taking up the Arc Delegate position, he was involved in developing the new 'NUMBAT' rover.

              Elias Aboutanios
                Elias Aboutanios
                Academic Advisor

                Dr Elias Aboutanios is a Senior Lecturer with the he School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. He received his BE in Electrical Engineering from UNSW Australia in 1997 and his PhD from UTS in 2002. His PhD research was on the estimation of frequency for the frequency tracking for communications with a low earth orbit satellite. Dr Aboutanios has been instrumental in the establishment of BLUEsat UNSW’s Stratsopheric Balloon launches and the completion of the original Microsatellite.

                BLUEsat Teams Over the Years

                BLUEsat UNSW 2017-2018 membership, with the new executive standing at the centre in front of the globe on UNSW's globe lawn. (Exec from left to right: Tim Guo, Yasmin Akhtar, Helena Kertesz, Harry J.E Day, Thomas Renneberg and Raghav Hariharan).BLUEsat 2016 AGM Group Photo. Top Row(Exec): Taofiq Huq, Helena Kertesz, Kawai Leung, Nuno Das Neves.BLUEsat UNSW 2015 AGM, with exec (top row): Mark Yeo, Helena Kertesz, Denis Wang, Tom DixonThe BLUEsat UNSW team on UNSW Sydney's globle lawn after their EGM. Our EGM photos are taken on the globle lawn because of the "globe's" association with space.BLUEsat 2017 EGM Team Photo with the executive knealing front centre (LTR): Nuno Das Neves, Raghav Hariharan, Helena Kertesz and Yasmin Akhtar

                Past Executives

                Its impossible for us to list all the amazing people who have been members of BLUEsat UNSW throughout the years, but here at least are the exec from the past few years.

                Year President Secretary Treasurer ARC Delegate CTO – Satellites CTO – Rover
                2018 s2 (start) Raghav Hariharan Anita Smirnov Yasmin Akhtar Bohan Deng Timothy Guo Thomas Renneberg
                2018 s1 Helena Kertesz Harry J.E Day Yasmin Akhtar Raghav Hariharan Timothy Guo Thomas Renneberg
                2017 s2 Helena Kertesz Harry J.E Day Yasmin Akhtar Raghav Hariharan Taofiq Huq Nuno Das Neves
                Year President CTO – Satellites CTO – Rover COO
                2017 s1 Helena Kertesz Taofiq Huq Nuno Das Neves Kawai Leung
                2016 s2 Tom Dixon Samantha Wardhaugh Helena Kertesz Denis Wang
                2016 s1 Tom Dixon Mark Yeo Helena Kertesz Denis Wang
                2015 Stuart Bartlett / Tom Dixon Mark Yeo Christopher Miller Denis Wang
                2014 Thien Nguyen Tom Dixon Steph McArthur / Yilser Kabran Alice Kang
                2013 Thien Nguyen Cam Brown James Roberts-Thomson

                Please note there are years missing here! BLUEsat UNSW was founded in 1997.