Our Team

BLUEsat is the proud work of several generations of UNSW undergraduates, including mechanical, electrical, and software engineers, science majors, and even one commerce student. To give due credit to all these talented people would be impossible so we would like to extend our collected gratitude to those who have made BLUEsat what it is today. Thank you all.

The current team consists of roughly thirty electrical, software and mechanical engineering students, from all of the different years, working on both the robotics and satellite projects.

The Current BLUEsat Executive

Helena Kertesz


Helena Kertesz is studying Mechatronics and Computer Science at UNSW Australia. Outside of BLUEsat she is interested in the development of swarm technology and the use of robotics in art.

Nuno Das Neves

Chief Technical Officer – Robotics

Nuno Das Neves is a 2nd year Computer Science student at UNSW Australia. His interests include space technology, robotics, AI and game development. Within the society he has been involved in writing autonomous navigation code for the Bluetongue 2.0 rover as well as running the weekly test sessions in preparation for ERC 2016.

Taofiq Huq

Chief Technical Officer – Satellites

Taofiq is a PhD researcher and Aerospace Engineering graduate at UNSW Sydney. He has presented research at the Australian Space Research Conference in 2015 and 2016 in the area of deep space CubeSats. Taofiq's key interests are solving problems on Earth using CubeSat based systems and democratising access to interplanetary space.

Harry J.E Day


Harry J.E Day is a fourth year Computer Science student, with a keen interest in robotics and distributed systems. Harry has been involved with BLUEsat for four years, including two and a half as the rover software team lead. He now manages the society's media and events team as the society's new secretary.

Raghav Hariharan

ARC Delegate

Raghav Hariharan is in first year, doing computer science combined with mechatronics. He likes space, he like robots and he loves spacerobots.

Yasmin Akhtar


Yasmin Akhtar is an Actuarial Studies and Commerce student at UNSW Sydney. She has a keen interest in finance as well as an enthusiasm for engineering, having experience in electrical building services design and BLUEsat allows her to combine these interests.

Elias Aboutanios

Academic Supervisor – Satellites

Dr Elias Aboutanios is a Senior Lecturer with the The School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. He received his BE in Electrical Engineering from UNSW Australia in 1997 and his PhD from UTS in 2002. His PhD research was on the estimation of frequency for the frequency tracking for communications with a low earth orbit satellite. Dr Aboutanios has been instrumental in the establishment of BLUEsat’s Stratsopheric Balloon launches and the completion of the original Microsatellite.

Past Executives