Off-World Robotics Software Positions Vacant!

The BLUEsat Off World Robtics Team at the European Rover Challenge in Poland with the Numbat Mars Rover.

If you’re looking for something to do throughout the holidays, the team at BLUEsat UNSW are currently looking for several people to join The Off-World Robotics Software Team! The Off-World Robotics Team is currently upgrading a super cool Mars Rover in preparation for a competition for the European Rover Challenge held in Poland each Year. Last year we placed 8th defeating 50+ teams and are aiming higher this year!

There are currently 4 positions within the software team being advertised (with more coming soon), a UI Programmer, UX Designer, GUI Squad Lead and a Real-Time Robotics Operations Manager!

If you’re interested in applying for one of these roles, please fill out the form below. You will be emailed and asked to come in for a short interview. The form will close next Saturday night (25/05/2019), so register your interest fast!

EOI for OWRS Positions

Please fill out this form to register your interest in one or more of the positions advertised. You will be called in for an interview.

Has this person completed 20 hours
Has this person completed 20 hours

UNSW Student Information

Your zID. In the form starting with a 'z'
Your Degree program at UNSW
Which UNSW faculties is your degree in. (If you are doing a double degree select both).
The school (or schools if you are doing a double degree) in Engineering that your degree is part of (if you are an engineering student - this is used to help with funding).
When did you start your degree
The year you expect to graduate

Experience & Position

This is extremely important as this is the teams primary work time.
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Author: Harry J.E Day

Harry J.E Day is a long term member of BLUEsat, with a keen interest in robotics and distributed systems. Harry has been involved with BLUEsat UNSW for four years, primarily as part of the Off-World Robotics Division including two and a half as the rover software team lead, as well as a year as the society's secretary. Harry studied B Computer Science at UNSW Sydney.

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