Aerospace Futures 2018 Day 3

UNSW Delegates at the Aerospace futures conference
UNSW delegates

This is the finale to the exciting trilogy of days at the Aerospace Futures Conference in Canberra. Day 1 has been posted here and day 2 has been posted here.

It is the final day, and yet, the Aerospace Conference could not help but pack in a day of endless presentations, Globemaster flypasts and a stunning finale dinner. Some of the biggest names among the recruiter presentations included Captain Andy Bauer and Keith Fernandes from Virgin Australia, Emily Frizell from Engineers Australia, Shena Howell representing Northrop Grumman, and Samantha Hearne from Defence Force.

Shena Howell Presenting at the Aerospace Futures Conference
Shena Howell representing Northrop Grumman

In the field of development, speakers introduced to us some exciting research projects in the field of aerospace. Dr Lyle Roberts showed how using two twin satellites, the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) could detect anomalies in the Earth’s gravitational field, revealing data including the thinning of the Earth’s ice sheets, or the movement of magma and ocean circulation. Meanwhile, Thales presented their Stratobus, a stratospheric airship with capabilities ranging from military applications to providing a telecommunications platform enhancing 4G/5G coverage.

Globemasters flypast
Two C-17A Globemasters flypast over delegates

The Air Force made certain to demonstrate their capabilities, advancing from flight simulations of operating a helicopter, to organising a spectacular flypast with two C-17A Globemasters. The two aircraft function primarily as military transports typically involved in transportation and airdrop duties. An overhead flypast coordinated near Canberra’s airport with two 52m wingspan aircrafts was certainly a rare moment to be experienced.

The day closed with a finale dinner at the National Arboretum. We were joined by Dr Paul Scully-Power, who was the first Australian in space. He captivated audience members with his inspiring journey and vision, bestowing us with the duty of Australian aerospace leaders for this generation and the one to come. He ended the presentation with an announcement that the next Aerospace Futures conference will be held in Sydney.

Dr Paul Scully presenting at the Aerospace conference
Dr Paul Scully-Power presenting to delegates

With the conference concluding, the long week has connected us, taught us, and inspired us. Our team heads home bringing connections formed through the events and to take a deserving rest, anticipating the next Aerospace Futures that is to come.

The UNSW delegates at the Aerospace conference
The UNSW delegates at the finale dinner

Photo credit to Photography Team at Australian Youth Aerospace Association.

Author: Timothy Guo

Timothy Guo is a Telecommunications and Commerce undergraduate at UNSW Sydney. He has previously lead BLUEsat's groundstation squad, leading a team of engineers to provide communications to UNSW's satellite, the EC0. He now endeavours to lead BLUESat's satellite tribe towards even greater plans.