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Thomas Renneberg is a 4th-year Mechanical Engineering student at UNSW. Thomas assumed the Off-World Robotics CTO position after a year of being the mechanical team lead and laying the foundation for BLUEsat's new rover. Aside from developing BLUEsat's new rover "NUMBAT", Thomas enjoys cooking and maintaining his vegetable garden.

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BLUEsat's rover driving

September 2018 Monthly Update

It was definitely the most eventful month of the year for BLUEsat. Placing 8th in the European Rover Challenge (ERC), attending the AEC as well as the successful balloon launch this past weekend. A huge round of applause to everyone for all your hard work this last month! The Rover teams are undergoing some design reviews […]

Aerospace Futures 2018 Day 2

In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s update on day 1 of the Aerospace Futures Conference! Today was another fantastic conference day, with demonstrations and workshops from some of Australia’s best and brightest. The day kicked off with a showcase of some of UNSW Canberra’s space achievements such as the Buccaneer CubeSat and their […]

Connector board array on the NUMBAT rover

June 2018 Monthly Update

It has been another busy month at BLUEsat. Progress has been made with the NUMBAT rover in our Off-World Robotics Team, with work on connector boards, PCBs, the suspension system and a variety of new software features. The old BLUEtongue rover has been fixed and ready for use in rover driving sessions. The Satellite team […]

Prototype CubeSat ADC consisting of three levels of PCBS with metal wheels inbetween for the ADCs

May 2018 Monthly Update

This has been an eventful month for BLUEsat UNSW, with our previous President and Secretary, Helena Kertesz and Harry J.E Day,  stepping down from their executive positions at BLUEsat. The EGM welcomed Raghav Hariharan as the new President, Anita Smirnov as the new Secretary and Bohan Deng as the new Arc Delegate. Rover From the […]


April 2018 Monthly Update

It’s been another busy month at BLUEsat UNSW. This month’s major achievements include our breakthrough with the steering module of the NUMBAT rover, the creation of a successful SDR radio player in the groundstation team and progress on a new magnetorquer project in the ADCS team! Rover From the Rover CTO It’s been a fantastic Month […]

March 2018 Monthly Update

It’s been another busy month at BLUEsat UNSW. This month’s major achievements include our GreenSat team’s success at the EngSoc pitch fair, and completion of the NUMBAT Mars Rover’s core mechanical construction. Rover From the Rover CTO BLUEsat UNSW has now enrolled in the European Rover Challenge (ERC), commencing in September of this year. The […]

Test firing a Hybrid Rocket

Following on from my previous blog post on Hybrid Rockets, I’ve been working on putting together a functional prototype. The core aim of my thesis is to evaluate the performance of various 3d printed Fuel grains.  As such, this prototype had to be able to handle a variety of different fuel cores.  The results weren’t perfect, […]

Newly constructed chassis of the NUMBAT Mars Rover.

February 2018 Monthly Update

Welcome to our February monthly update, its been another busy month at BLUEsat UNSW. As well as an amazing o-week, our teams have made massive progress across the board. Highlights include our Balloon Team’s launch on the 3rd of March, and major progress in the construction of the NUMBAT Mars Rover. Rover From the Mechanical […]