Software Engineer:

Camera Module

Team: Balloon Project

Working Hours: 11am to 4.30pm Saturdays

Location: Electical Engineering Building (G17) 216

Minimum Commitment: 12 Months

Want to take pictures in space? BLUEsat Balloon project is recruiting a software engineering student (or related degree) to help assist in the research and automation of our camera module that will snap up incredible images of our Earth in near-space!

This NATO backed project is the perfect place to show off your awesome skills, and will make you highly sought after by employers. If accepted, you will have immediate impact in delivering crucial telemetry information during our real-world balloon missions. Your knowledge will be put to practical use to create something that you can be proud of.


You will be responsible for writing code to interface with and make sense of the data from the camera module.


• Good research skills.

• Good documentation skills

General programming ability (if the choice of camera can be automated)


• An availability of least 10h+ a week


• An opportunity to work on a NATO funded research project.

• Access to networking events with the space industry.

• An opportunity to practise and develop your software engineering skills.

• Access to a community of like-minded people passionate about space.

• Be recognised by future employers for your technical and soft skills.