BLUEsat Presents the NUMBAT Rover

The NUMBAT Mar Rover on UNSW's Scientia Lawn

BLUEsat is proud to present the NUMBAT Rover for the European Rover Challenge (ERC) 2018! We have made a lot of design revisions and improvements in the past two years to create a new rover based off our experience with the BLUEtongue Rover in previous ERCs, and there is still more to come. Check it out!

Author: Anita Smirnov

Anita Smirnov is a third year Mechatronic Engineering student with an interest in combining her passions for robotics and art. Before her role as Secretary and Media and Events Coordinator of the society, Anita was and still is involved in the software team of BLUEsat's Off-World Robotics Division, as well as helping manage BLUEsat's social media.