Funding a space mission

Welcome back to my series on How to make a space mission! Previously, we talked about how making a space mission has never been easier and my preferred method for coming up with a space mission idea. Some of our more enterprising readers might’ve already come up with a few ideas for space missions! Now, ideas are […]


Using a CNC

It’s one thing to design a satellite or rover, but without manufacturing you’re dead in the water. Over the years at BLUEsat the problem, or more specifically the cost, of manufacturing has been recurring issue for our mechanical engineering teams. It’s not unusual for the bill for manufacturing our designs to come in at several […]

Introduction to ROS Video

At the start of semester we ran a number of seminars on different skills that we use at BLUEsat. In the first of these videos, former Rover Software Team Lead, Harry J.E Day went through an introduction to “the Robotics Operating System” (ROS) covering setting up ROS catkin workspaces, and basic publishers and subscribers. You […]

Coming up with a space mission idea

Welcome back to my series on How to make a space mission! Last time we talked about how doing space activities has never been easier. CubeSats are making spacecraft cheaper and easier to make. Companies like Spaceflight and Nanoracks are making launch opportunities easier to access. And companies like SpaceX and Rocket Lab are reducing the costs of launch. […]

The BLUEsat fridge stocked with cans

Budgeting Process

BUCKLE UP EVERYONE WE’RE GOING TO GO ON A WILD AND EXHILARATING JOURNEY INVOLVING SPREADSHEETS AND LOTS OF MEETINGS BLUEsat does a lot of cool stuff. Robots, satellites and radios are all super cool. They get you engaged, using practical skills and building something physical that you can show off. TO DO ALL OF THAT, […]