a group of people in a lab for one of our onboarding workshops

September 2019 Monthly Update

Off-World Robotics From the OWR Lead This month, the OWR team lead(s) have been busy in Poland attending the 2019 European Rover Challenge – helping pave the way for presenting BLUEsat’s rover NUMBAT to competition organisers and meeting with industry professionals during the event. On returning, we have been investigating the use of new technologies for manufacturing, […]

August 2019 Monthly Update

Off-World Robotics Rover From the OWR CTO The last month has been an incredibly busy one for the rover team, as members finalised development and testing for the European Rover Challenge (ERC). Bohan Deng, Off-World Robotics CTO Rover Electrical With the ERC deadline rapidly approaching, the electrical team has been working on modularising wiring to […]

July 2019 Monthly Update

Off-World Robotics Rover Rover Software The Off-World Robotics Software team has been continuing preparations for the now close-at-hand European Rover Challenge; we were involved in preparing for and filming the rover as part of the lead up to the challenge, and the software systems performed admirably. The autonomous squad has been continuing their work with […]

The BLUEsat High Altitude Balloon team inflating a stratospheric balloon on the back of a ute.

High-Altitude Balloon Positions Vacant!

The BLUEsat High-Altitude Ballooning Team is developing an atmospheric satellite to conduct earth observation using synthetic-aperture radar (SAR). This project is funded by NATO and we are developing a pseudo-satellite platform to carry the radar payload developed in Italy. We’re looking for motivated students to join the team. Applications For These Positions Have Closed – […]

June 2019 Monthly Update

Off-World Robotics Rover Rover Software The Off-World Robotic Software team has been finishing up an internal restructuring this month, moving from having a central team lead delegating all tasks, to a squad based structure, with leads for specific projects, and the software lead being a higher level organisational role. Regarding said projects, the ROS over […]

Three team members carrying the NUMBAT Rover to training

May 2019 Monthly Update

Off-World Robotics From the OWR CTO May has been a significant month for Rover as teams finalise their designs and begin ordering parts. A Preliminary Design Report for the European Rover Challenge has also been completed, and trip planning is underway.  Bohan Deng, OWR CTO Rover Rover Electrical While waiting for many orders to come […]

rocket being launched

Our First Satellite Launch

On the 17th of April, our group of BLUEsat engineers attended the inaugural Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC) to prepare the first-ever launch of a nanosatellite designed and built by BLUEsat. The nanosatellite was launched on an AIAA UNSW rocket, reaching an altitude of 7,600ft. Onboard the nanosatellite was a biological experiment designed and conducted […]