BLUEsat members at the Tech Connect Networking event

October 2018 Monthly Update

We’ve had an exciting month this October, with much more to come in the following weeks! A lot of future planning has been done on the technical side of things, as well as several fun events like an Optus Satellite Tour, dice kit workshops, showcasing our projects at a networking morning event hosted by UNSW Tech […]

BLUEsat's rover driving

September 2018 Monthly Update

It was definitely the most eventful month of the year for BLUEsat. Placing 8th in the European Rover Challenge (ERC), attending the AEC as well as the successful balloon launch this past weekend. A huge round of applause to everyone for all your hard work this last month! The Rover teams are undergoing some design reviews […]

Info-graphic postulating the answer to "Where are they?"

The Fermi Paradox

For a little change of pace from all of these wonderful technical blogs, I think it’s time for a little break to let loose our imagination and curiosity. This’ll (hopefully) be a nice little series where you and I both will go on an adventure learning and exploring some exciting space theories that have been […]

August 2018 Monthly Update

BLUEsat has had yet another incredible month; with great success at our first Showcase event, the formation of our Outreach team, UNSW Open day shenanigans and great progress in all our teams! On other exciting news, our Rover team is leaving for Poland in under a week for the European Rover Challenge (ERC)! The Groundstation team […]