Collaboration with Radian

A guy holding a small satellite
Tim, our Satellite CTO holding the CubeSat for the AURC rocket launch. Photo by AIAA Rocketry

GreenSat is excited to collaborate with Radian on it’s journey to creating a life grade CubeSat. Our collaboration will extend to technical assistance on the thermal management of the payload to aid the final launch that will occur in approximately 2 year’s time. One of the greatest challenges GreenSat is facing yet is maintaining the temperature in such a way that the bacterial payload doesn’t freeze or die of heat.

With such little space to implement devices for thermal management onboard, it will be one of the greatest challenges the team will face on its journey.

After our launch with AIAA, we are planning out how to create a required documents for analysis, we look forward to working with Radian and getting another step closer to our goal!

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