Team Lead

Team: Cubesat Project

Working Hours: 11am to 4.30pm Saturdays

Location: Electical Engineering Building (G17) 120

Minimum Commitment: 12 Months

Passionate about telecommunications and RF electronics? Why not take your signals into space? Our Cubesat Project is looking for an experienced electrical or telecommunications engineering student to lead our Cubesat communications project. This role provides an opportunity for independent work which produces a high degree of impact on the project. You will have the ability to produce something truly spectacular, and to shape the direction of the Cubesat project for years to come.

The Cubesat Project aims to design and launch a Cubesat into space, with the aim of delivering a meaningful payload which adds value to the community in the form of scientific research.


You will be responsible for leading the communications team, managing the members, providing direction to the team, and conducting research essential to the operation of a Cubesat computer system.


• Electronics knowledge (ELEC3106 or equivalent) OR telecommunications background.

• Electromagnetism (ELEC3115 or equivalent).

• C programming.

• Arduino / Microcontroller programming.

• Willingness to research and self-learn new concepts.


• Completion of TELE3xxx and TELE4xxx courses.

Knowledge of RF electronics (ELEC4604).

Experience with version control (e.g. Git).

• Proven independent work and/or leadership abilities.


• Access to networking events with the space industry.

• An opportunity to practise and develop your software engineering skills.

• Access to a community of like-minded people passionate about space.

• Be recognised by future employers for your technical and soft skills.

• Gain practical and demonstrable leadership experience.