BLUEsat’s February Monthly Update

What’s new in the world of BLUEsat?

This month we ask our team leads and their senior members for all the latest information surrounding O-Week, rover design, ballooning and rebranding of the BLUEsat identity. Momentum is building in 2020!

Off-World Robotics

Raghav Hariharan

The OWR VIP program has successfully launched! All of our current project members have settled in following an introduction session on the 22nd of February and have commenced their first task assignment. The first task is a common Introduction to Rover Design Task that everyone needs to complete which involves reading through the ERC and URC rule books, formulating some basic specifications for a rover and justifying those choices (there’s also some math involved). We’re excited to see what people come up as it’s a pretty open ended task and people can take it as far and as wide as they want.Following the completion of this task, participants will then be able to choose some discipline specific tasks that interest them.

A lot of T1’s task’s will be R&D and learning based tasks to help take our participants to the next level!The OWR course is going to be extremely rewarding and exciting as it allows students to be more self-directed and independent in their learning and actually get the opportunity to apply the theory they learn directly into developing a physical prototype. If you ask me, this is the best way to learn.Keep watching this space for more updates on our next rover (or rovers )….


Archana Govindarajulu

This month, there was an interview conducted for new team lead and selected for the ground station. An interview was conducted for the role of radio engineer and a new member joined the ground station team. The team is progressing to gain more knowledge for better understanding and progress with work on pyGS python to use GNURadio for SDR related developments. The team has received signals from FM and currently working towards the goal to receive signals from aircraft traffic. The members have been shortlisted for recruiting after the interview. The induction for the room access to EE216 is done with Joon for the team members.

High Altitude Ballooning

This month we caught up with Oliver Gorman, our Software Lead for the NATO funded High Altitude Ballooning Team we have here at UNSW. Check him out below:

BLUEsat UNSW – Today we got connected with the BLUEsat…

While we’re doing the balloon project so the project is to launch a radar on the bottom, yeah, so it involves sensors so the pressure and temperature that’s the thing we keep track of it. We have three separate transmitters which we want us from our Grand station.

Vice President

Ricky Qu

This month we dived right into the new academic year! We have begun work on an exciting collaboration with our friends over at IEEE UNSW Student Branch. More details will be coming soon. We are also in the middle of recruitment season, with interviews happening over the next week. There’s a whole lot more that I can’t quite talk about yet, but watch this space, a lot will happen this year.

Media and Events

Shinara Armitage

This month we kicked off the new term with O-week, informing new students about the possibilities available with our BLUEsat community. Focus was primarily on setting up the stalls, creating info sheets for our teams to let the students know the details of each of our projects and get creating flyers for the event. We made dramatic changes to the BLUEsat website and basically gutted it out with a new interface and design. We’ll be onboarding a new team of marketing gurus in the coming weeks with a list of events and opportunities coming up that connects our teams with all things engineering related! Watch this space…