Full Stack Developer

Team: Groundstation Team

Working Hours: 11am to 4.30pm Saturdays

Location: Electical Engineering Building (G17) 216

Minimum Commitment: 12 Months

Want to take your skills to new heights? BLUEsat is looking for a student with experience in full stack web development to join our Groundstation team. This critical role will see you design the front end and back end of the tools we use to operate our groundstation, which in turn ensures that our aerial and space based vehicles are always in contact with mission control.

Groundstation is a multidisciplinary team responsible for tracking and communicating with an aerial or space based vehicle. It is currently working in tandem with the Balloon Project to their NATO backed project.


You will be responsible for writing, maintaining and testing the software which interfaces with, controls and reports data from our groundstation.


Comfortable with basic Linux (including environment configuration and basic bash scripting)

Interested in working in an nginx backend

Comfortable with basic PHP

Comfortable with basic Python

Basic knowledge of object-orientated programming


• Experience with hardware simulation (via unit tests)

Database / logging management

Data visualisation

JavaScript experience


• Access to networking events with the space industry.

• An opportunity to practise and develop your software engineering skills.

• Access to a community of like-minded people passionate about space.

• Be recognised by future employers for your technical and soft skills.