HR Manager

Team: HR

Working Hours: Varied

Location: Electical Engineering Building (G17)

Minimum Commitment: 6 Months

The HR manager looks after recruitment, onboarding, training and internal relationships. More importantly, HR at BLUEsat seeks to build a positive, engaged culture both within the whole society and the project teams. HR will advise and collaborate with other teams to make that possible.


  • Ensure that the recruitment process runs smoothly from listing roles to interviews to acceptance
  • Organise/host onboarding presentations, events and inductions
  • Resolve internal relationship issues, liaising with Grievance Officer (Vice President)
  • Collaborate with marketing, events and executive teams
  • Organise and enhance training and resources
  • Assist in leadership handovers
  • Run initiatives to foster a positive and engaged culture


  • Enjoy working with people, for people
  • Interested in fostering positive student culture around space
  • Organised and responsible


  • Previous experience in HR, care, not-for-profits, community or customer-facing roles


  • Have the executive team’s support at all times as HR is key to achieving BLUEsat’s vision
  • Practice highly useful soft skills
  • Gain a rare understanding of practical end-to-end recruitment from recruiters’ viewpoints
  • Work with more students than any other team
  • Any student from any faculty is welcome, no hard requirements, just a desire to work with people!