January 2019 Monthly Update

Two people sitting on the ground next to a large rover (aluminium robot on wheels) gesturing to each other with their hands

Off-World Robotics

From the OWR CTO

two people are crouching over a large metal rover (robot with 4 wheels)
Drover Training

With the start of the new year, the Rover team held a review meeting to plan the schedule for the rest of the year. With that in mind, each team has continued progress on achieving those goals.

Bohan Deng, OWR CTO

From the Rover Electrical Team

During the lull of UNSW’s university break, while members were going in and out of holiday trips, it was good to see the ongoing research into incorporating a new drill component for the science module! The preliminary design for the updated power module 2.0 is also underway. With new members familiarising themselves with the PCB design software while going over the current PCBs used by the rover, the team is looking up to becoming bigger and better for the year ahead!

Jason Love, Rover Electrical Team Member

From the Rover Mechanical Team

With a lot of members being away during summer break, the mech team is not running as fast as normal. With that being said, we still managed to complete some critical tasks, having finalised our choices for the suspension system among other things. Also, our big FEA workshop with other societies for every keen member was a big success!

Quoc Trung (Alex) Vo, Rover Mechanical Chapter Lead

From the Rover Software Team

The new year has heralded the graduation and exit of many the senior members of the Off-World Robotics Software team. As such, we are in the process of developing our next generation of squad leads and are beginning the major projects requisite for our goals at ERC 2019.

William Miles, Rover Software Chapter Lead

a small drone is on a wooden table with mechanical tools, vices etc and two people talking
The Kit Drone

From the Drone Team

Over the holiday period, team members have either been on holiday or have been working on our purchased kit drone. The rest of the month will be spent troubleshooting issues with the kit drone, whilst acquiring experience with drone design and operation in general. The major goal of the first week of university will be identifying a long term goal for the drone team, specifically the type of drone we would like to design moving forward.

Lexman Palanirajan, Drone Squad Lead


From the Satellite CTO

We are beginning to see an acceleration in activity now, with O-week approaching and new ideas forming on how the team is going to transform this year into the best year so far. Stay notified for next month as we begin a new wave of member intakes.

Timothy Guo, Satellite CTO

From the High-Altitude Balloon Team

This month, the team worked hard to complete a progress report for NATO on the BalSAR project in collaboration with the ECHOES team in Pisa. A collaboration with the groundstation team is also being established to develop a mobile radio groundstation for radio contact with the balloon payload during flight, with meetings taking place to determine requirements and plans for the year.

Adithya Rajendran, Balloon Squad Team Lead

From the Groundstation Team

The December-January period has been a quiet one for the Groundstation team, with many of its members either busy with other activities or on holidays. Slow but steady progress continues to be made on the requirements analysis and conceptual design of our ongoing mobile groundstation project. Repair work for the K17 groundstation has also been scoped out and this will be worked on on a casual basis.

Victor Tse, Groundstation Squad Lead

From the CubeSat Power Team

The power team has been taking a well-deserved break. However, we have still made progress on an improved MPPT board with previously identified issues being fixed. We are further working on developing a frame to mount for the solar panels.

William Chen, Satellite Power Squad Lead

From the CubeSat ADCS Team

The ADCS team has had a quiet couple of months, as we have members who have recently graduated and travelling for internships. The remaining members have been focusing on designing experiments to evaluate the design of the magnetorquer before redesigning it to be suitable for use in space.

Olivia Yem, ADCS Squad Lead

From the CubeSat GreenSat Team

Following a rough year, GreenSat has been going over a lot of potential changes regarding its management. The team has been receiving consultation regarding system integration for the AIAA launch and how to achieve a design for proper thermal management. We have also gone over what the critical components that are missing for the overall satellite mission, and how it affects GreenSat. Other than that, most members have been on a break following another challenging year of university.

Rajiv Narayan, GreenSat Squad Lead

Secretary’s Update

eight people sitting around a big table playing a board game, most are similing
BLUEsat’s First Board Games Night in 2019

2018 has been a great year for BLUEsat and we plan to make 2019 even better! We’ve been preparing for O-week, that’s a week away now, as well as our major new member intro day not long after. We’ve had two successful social events, with mini gold and board games, and look forward to the ones to come as more new members come to join in on the fun!

Anita Smirnov, Secretary

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Author: Anita Smirnov

Anita Smirnov is a third year Mechatronic Engineering student with an interest in combining her passions for robotics and art. Before her role as Secretary and Media and Events Coordinator of the society, Anita was and still is involved in the software team of BLUEsat's Off-World Robotics Division, as well as helping manage BLUEsat's social media.

Author: Bohan Deng

Bohan Deng is a third year Aerospace Engineering student at UNSW Sydney who loves anything to do with space. Prior to taking up the Arc Delegate position, he was involved in developing the new 'NUMBAT' rover.

Author: Timothy Guo

Timothy Guo is a Telecommunications and Commerce undergraduate at UNSW Sydney. He has previously lead BLUEsat's groundstation squad, leading a team of engineers to provide communications to UNSW's satellite, the EC0. He now endeavours to lead BLUESat's satellite tribe towards even greater plans.

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