January Monthly Update


Progress has been made with the design for our first prototype for the Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge. A number of important components and materials have been selected, with members beginning to consider some of the finer details such as how these parts will interact with one another. On the list of things to design will be an adjustable buoyancy system and a frame system to house the important sensors.

Lucas Way, Drone Project Lead


This month in the summer break has been relatively quiet for ground station. The team is continuing to work on up-skilling themselves to better understand the pyGS python/PHP codebase and utilise GNURadio for SDR related developments. We are currently working on an immediate goal of capturing ADS-B aircraft traffic on an SDR dongle as a more approachable and entry-level training task into Linux and GR-satellites. Administrative work continues on getting inductions done for access to the K17 rooftop for the newer members.

Victor Tse, Groundstation Project Lead


We’ve created a new recruitment process to ensure that projects and teams have the human resources that better match their needs. This will involve the introduction of a code of conduct to induct new members on our expectations of them as they contribute to the society and clarify what we’re all about. I will reveal the details later but we will also be having an industry event during the term, so look out for that.

It will be a great opportunity for members to see what it’s really like to work in the space industry and meet some cool people along the way. And expect to see some branding and media changes in the next month as well, we want a clean look to welcome the new decade.

Jackie Deng, President

Vice President

It has been a busy month of preparation for the new academic year. Our senior members and team leads are getting various types of access to the School of Electrical Engineering’s laboratories. This will significantly increase the flexibility in how and where our teams work, which will yield a productivity improvement and in general just be more convenient. I have personally been working on some cool training resources for embedded systems, covering topics on how to use microcontrollers.

I will be commencing negotiations with the IEEE UNSW Student Branch on a potential collaboration and partnership, something which I hope will help members of both our societies to develop their technical and non-technical work. My plans for next month also involve organising the final stages of the amateur radio training program, which will occur in the form of workshops. Stay tuned, lots of exciting stuff happening!

Ricky Qu, Vice President

Media & Events Director

This month the executive team has been putting their attention to tweaking the logo slightly, creating a code of conduct for our BLUEsat community and mapping future website updates required for a better user experience. Also, with O-week coming up volunteers are being gathered to introduce new students to what BLUEsat is about. We might also have a couple of industry visits in the pipeline but we’ll let you know more about that next month!

Shinara Armitage, Media & Events Director

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