BLUEsat’s March Monthly Update

What’s new in the world of BLUEsat?

This month we ask our team leads and their senior members for all the latest information surrounding O-Week, rover design, ballooning and rebranding of the BLUEsat identity. Momentum is building in 2020!


Archana Govindarajulu

In March, we had two new on-boarding members for the position of Radio engineer and Full Stack Developer. The team is progressing to develop skills their skillset with ‘pyGS python‘. We can then utilise or navigate GNURadio for Software Defined Radio and focus on receiving signals from aircraft traffic using RTL-SDR


This month, our Satellite Lead, Olivia Yem shares what her team have been up to during the unfolding of Covid-19 and how they have adapted to the new measures of working online . Check her statemout out below:

Olivia Yem

Unsurprisingly, the last month has been an eventful one. Like just about everyone else, the satellite team has moved to working remotely at home. Unfortunately, for most of the teams it has meant that we haven’t been able to prototype. Testing designs has come to a halt and won’t resume until life goes back to normal. However, we have taken this opportunity to focus our attention on researching much needed theory. For example, PDI controllers; how materials react to a vacuum; and drawing upon these concepts for our designs.

The ADCS team has begun work on the design of a reaction wheel that can detumble a Cubesat in 3 dimensions, whilst our Power team explores designs for a system that will incorporate charged batteries – either from solar panels or main power for a Cubesat simulation. Our OBC and COMS team have been working on hardware interfaces and communications using rf modules. Finally, our Mechanical team has fun identifying modular structures to use as a testing platform for all other subsystems.

Vice President

Ricky Qu

We may all be at home, but BLUEsat is certainly still working! I have been working hard behind the scenes to transform BLUEsat. This month our biggest activity was recruitment. We now have a brand new system which better advertises our roles, whilst still giving teams the ability of setting their own entry criteria. I am delighted with the process, as we got a large number of applicants in all areas. I’d like to say a big welcome to all of our new recruits and I look forward to working with you all over the year. Particularly exciting are our new Treasury and Media teams. I would like to give a big welcome and thank you to these teams in particular, since these teams are not BLUEsat’s traditional strength, but are essential in realising our vision for BLUEsat. Over the coming month, I will be working with the Executive team and all the projects to continue technical and transformative work despite the challenges presented by the present lockdown situation. Stay safe everyone!

Media and Events

Shinara Armitage

The month of March certainly had its way with us all! Like the rest of BLUEsat, and society in that matter our marketing and events team started putting in place new practices and measures that would serve an online community experience and adapt to the new climate we are all currently facing. We are in the design, creation and scheduling phase of rolling out some exciting online video content for you all including technical how-to videos, interviews and connecting you with upcoming industry online events. We’ve been working behind the scenes to still provide our BLUEsat teams with projects to work on whilst we bide our time in what’s to come. Stay tuned for our online presence to begin to increase!