May 2018 Monthly Update

Prototype CubeSat ADC consisting of three levels of PCBS with metal wheels inbetween for the ADCs

This has been an eventful month for BLUEsat UNSW, with our previous President and Secretary, Helena Kertesz and Harry J.E Day,  stepping down from their executive positions at BLUEsat. The EGM welcomed Raghav Hariharan as the new President, Anita Smirnov as the new Secretary and Bohan Deng as the new Arc Delegate.


From the Rover CTOpwm, elec, electrical, rover, red, green

The NUMBAT rover has been accepted to ERC! The rover team has been working hard towards this years competition and being accepted is a very important milestone.

Thomas Renneberg, Robotics CTO & Mech Chapter Lead

From the Electrical Team

It’s been another PCB-focused work cycle. Following the arrival of all the required parts for the Generic PCB at the start of the month, we were able to kick-start our first volume production of it. A total of 3 were made and verified to be working, after some proper debugging work. They not only enabled more comprehensive testing of NUMBAT, but also made up for the PCBs that had been broken during previous testing. We have also seen acceleration in the science module design, with some sensors being tested and more being purchased.

Jonathan Wong, Rover Electrical Chapter Leadbeauty, computer, software

From the Software Team

Exciting things are happening. Our old ground station (computer in a briefcase) has been upgraded to a brand new, proper, more portable case.

We have been continuously testing NUMBAT driving and operation of the CAN bus, with testing for AR tag detection and ROS node abstraction happening very soon. A bunch of GUI features are also being finalized, including visualization for the battery, current driving mode and a nice software E-stop.

Simon Ireland, Rover Software Chapter Lead

From the Mechanical Team

The team has been making great strides in preparing the final rover systems such as the rovers module boxes and side mount handles. This next month will see us complete the mechanical arm and make final changes to our designs.

Thomas Renneberg, Robotics CTO & Mech Chapter Lead

Satellitegroundstation, computer

From the Groundstation Team

After a few problems with the Groundstation computers remote accessibility and GNURadio. We decided to re-image the computer. The Groundstation computer is now remote accessible and GNURadio can be run from home.

On a side-note, Ignatius Rivaldi (Aldi) was able to receive a signal from the weather satellite, NOAA-19, using the Quadrifilar Helicoidal (QFH) Antenna. His setup on the Scientia Building allowed us to receive the image of the Earth at an altitude of 850km.

Joerick Aligno, Groundstation Squad Lead

From the Satellite Power Team

Huge steps in the right direction this month! The MPPT system is progressing nicely, and revision 2 of it should be in the works shortly. One battery charger is being debugged and has partial functionality whilst two other designs have their PCBs on order. After these sub-subsystems are all complete, next step is integrating them into one unified power subsystem!

Harry Price, Satellite Power Squad Lead

From the ADCS TeamADCS, satellite, team, wiring, beautiful

Development on the reaction wheel system is wrapping up, with performance testing showing promising results so far. Several experiments have been run to measure the system’s performance executing tasks such as detumbling and pointing. Further tests and software development are required, but initial results seem to show performance comparable to existing commercial products.

Mark Yeo, ADCS Squad Lead

Operations & Exec

President’s Update

My name is Raghav, and following Helena’s decision to step down from her role as president I was elected to take up the role.
I am currently in my second year undertaking a double degree in Mechatronics combined with Computer Science.
I simply adore space, I love learning about all the stars, the countless number of planets out there, black holes, supernovas, as well as the fantastic theories people have put forth!

I joined BLUEsat early last year because of the fact they were an awesome space engineering society filled with amazing people with similar interests. I became Arc Delegate and a member of the OWRS software team soon after and began to spend a great deal of my time with BLUEsat. During this time I learnt a substantial amount about how to run a society by observing all the other executive members. Now that I have the honour and opportunity to be the President of BLUEsat, I will put my best foot forwards to keep BLUEsat progressing and provide an opportunity for all of our members to learn, as well as to improve their academic and professional skills and capabilities.

We’ve got an exciting and busy half an year ahead of us so stay tuned!

Raghav Hariharan, President

Secretary’s Update

Hello, my name is Anita and I’ve been elected as BLUEsat’s new Secretary! I’m also in my second year studying Mechatronics. I joined BLUEsat at the start of this year (joining the Rover Software and the Media Team) and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! This is such an amazing society with incredible people, I’m constantly learning from them and being amazed by everyone’s skills and capabilities! Space is so fascinating and meeting people with a similar interest to you and working with them on various space projects is such an awesome experience.  I can’t wait to continue learning at BLUEsat, helping other’s join this incredible society and for all the good times ahead!

This has been a great month for BLUEsat, with new team members joining our various teams, and great success with our board game night last week, with pizza and fantastic games like Scythe and Funemployed completing the night! There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks at BLUEsat, with more new member introductions, another board game night, as well as our end of semester celebration!

Anita Smirnov, Secretary

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Author: Anita Smirnov

Anita Smirnov is a third year Mechatronic Engineering student with an interest in combining her passions for robotics and art. Before her role as Secretary and Media and Events Coordinator of the society, Anita was and still is involved in the software team of BLUEsat's Off-World Robotics Division, as well as helping manage BLUEsat's social media.

Author: Thomas Renneberg

Thomas Renneberg is a 4th-year Mechanical Engineering student at UNSW. Thomas assumed the Off-World Robotics CTO position after a year of being the mechanical team lead and laying the foundation for BLUEsat's new rover. Aside from developing BLUEsat's new rover "NUMBAT", Thomas enjoys cooking and maintaining his vegetable garden.

Author: Raghav Hariharan

Raghav Hariharan is currently in his second year studying Mechatronics combined with Computer Science. He was previously the Arc Delegate until he was elected for the role of president in May of 2018. He is extremely curious about the wonders and mysteries of space and is determined to share his passion and provide an opportunity for students to learn and develop their professional and academic skills whilst studying.