BLUEsat’s May Monthly Update

What’s new in the world of BLUEsat?

This month we ask our team leads and our senior members for all the latest information surrounding Satellite updates, Groundstation updates Media & Event Team initiatives , as well as our rebranding. More to come in Term 2…


Jackie Deng

After taking a breather for exams, the executive team bounced back into work. While our projects are still taking a hit to their productivity, as government restrictions ease and the project teams strengthen their online work practices, the worst appears to be behind us.

We’ve focused on clarifying BLUEsat’s vision, mission and developing strategic goals, making sure BLUEsat is present and adapts to changing developments within our teams and in the world. I’m personally excited that our new brand and website are making big steps, we want to clearly communicate what we’re about and reach and impact more people. I’m also just as excited by the video content we’re putting out (which Ricky will be able to speak more in detail about).

Watching SpaceX’s Dragon Crew launch and dock and its success echo through the world, I can’t help but feel a surge of energy! Let’s gooo!


Archana Govindarajulu

In the month of May, the ground station team has not been too active due to the final exams and session break. Despite this, some videos have been made by the ground station team members on a few topics from groundstation to satellite!


This month, our Satellite Lead, Olivia Yem shares what her team have been up to during the studying-from-home lifestyle and what they have been creating as a team. Check her statement out below:

Olivia Yem

Between working from home and exams, the satellite project has had a productive month! Each of the teams has worked out the best approach for them and are focusing on the design and up-skilling work that they can do at home. We’re focusing on designing our prototypes for a Cubesat simulation as well as a 1U Pingbot Cubesat, and doing all we can to improve them without testing a physical system.

Chief Technical Officer

Garwerd Liang

If you are an entrepreneur, you know that your success cannot depend on the opinions

The month of May has been a hectic one. The projects faced a lot of difficulty adjusting to the new work from home environment. While productivity still isn’t 100%, everyone is starting to get used to the restrictions. All the teams have organised their own online meetings, procedures and guidelines to follow to make sure everyone is still able to contribute to project goals. The next few months should go by a lot more smoothly!

We have had a big month behind the scenes. We are embarking on a new outreach initiative on Youtube. Through a series of educational videos, we hope to show off a little of what we do at BLUEsat and also help the public understand the challenges of space technologies.

In addition we are also preparing to begin reaching out to the space industry and further our objective of connecting industry with students. We anticipate that this initiative will begin over the next few weeks. Finally, we are conducting another round of recruitment to fill some roles in our Marketing and Cubesat teams.

I am looking forward to meeting our applicants next week at the interviews. 

Vice President

Ricky Qu