November 2019 Monthly Update

Satelite Team Members gathered around a table discussing ideas.


In the lead up to finals and assignments, the Drone Project has been fairly quiet. The team has commited to designing Automated Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) that could one day explore Europa’s vast sub-surface oceans. We have reached out to the UNSW Regional and Coastal Oceanography Lab for potential collaboration in the future in designing AUV gliders that would collect data on the oceans surrounding Australia. In the meantime, we will continue developing an AUV that will compete in the 2021 Singapore AUV Challenge. An Nvidia Jetson Nano has been purchased and will be used as the main on-board computer for handling images. After exams, the team will work hard to develop a design and will hopefully have parts arrive before Term 1 2020 begins.

Lucas Way, Drone Project Lead


The Satellite team is settling in well to our new project, focusing on setting up the specifications for each subsystem and ensuring our members have the skills to hit the ground running after exams end. 

Olivia Yem, Satellite Lead


The Groundstation team has not been too active this month due to course workloads. Despite this, some work has been done in assisting with the Satellite team’s 2020 proposal. The K17 rooftop subteam will be continuing to build up their knowledge in Python in preparation for working on pyGS and GNURadio. Meanwhile, with the arrival of some purchases, further integration work is now ready for the Balloon subteam to work on.

Victor Tse, Groundstation Project Lead


We kicked off November with an extensive discussion about where BLUEsat was at now, what we wanted to improve and the first steps we will take.

I’ve been meeting a lot of cool people this month. Shinara, Shevaani and I walked out from a strategy meeting with Topaz Conway, serial champion of all things startup and tech with expanded minds. I met Alice Bowman, NASA’s Mission Operations Manager at the Applied Physics Laboratory, when she gave her talk about New Horizons’ long journey to the edge of the solar system. I then met former president Stuart Bartlett setting up for the Off-Earth Mining Forum before delving into big talks from NASA, mining experts and space entrepreneurs. While space is expensive, uncertain and dangerous; it’s not short of dreamers, hackers and doers.
I’ve spent my other time engrossed in study of the book Blue Ocean Strategy figuring out how we can grow, thrive and deliver big value to the world as students.

Jackie Deng, President

Vice President

The beginnings of a few initiatives were completed. The informal specs for the embedded systems workshop have been set, with the more advanced topics already delegated to William Miles of OWR. Similarly, the final list of people who wish to undertake the amateur radio workshop has been formulated, and the resources distributed. In the week of 10th to 20th of December, I will follow up on both tasks. The embedded systems workshop needs a formal spec, task division and a timeline. 

The administration has been slow. Access to EE120 has been granted to about 12 BLUEsat members. This is unacceptably low and needs to be fixed early T1 2019. 24/7 access to G14 has not made any progress, I am still in contact with Chris about this. Finally, swipe access to EE120 is in its early days. I intend to have a list ready for Gabo by 20th of December.

Ricky Qu, Vice President

Media & Events Director

This month we have been working behind the scenes looking to next year’s big visions for BLUEsat 2020. Scheduling meetings with UNSW’s Business mentors, unpacking who’s taking on what roles across various societies for future collaborations and scheduling meetings to look at our ‘rebrand’ moving forward. With exam period in the mix, everyone is doing an amazing job dancing with November’s excitement. We also had a chance to grab some individual photo’s of the team which we will introduce over the coming months. You’ll want to know these faces – they’re the future badass of Australia’s engineering sector.

Shinara Armitage, Media & Events Director

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