October 2019 Monthly Update

The numbat rover on a pedastool at UNSW

Off-World Robotics

The last month has been productive and engaging for the OWR rover team. We attended and presented our rover, NUMBAT to James Kirby at the opening of the brand new James Kirby Makerspace, as well as, the 70th anniversary of UNSW. Members wishing to join the 2020 team underwent their interviews to make the fit for next year. Under the Faculty of Engineering’s new vertically integrated projects structure, many members of this new team have already been hard at work creating preliminary designs for OWR’s next generation rover.

Michael Lloyd, OWR Project Lead


The drone project has seen steady progress over the past month. The team has made headway into designing the first AUV prototype, identifying functional requirements and materials that could be used. The quad-copter project that began in term 2 has produced a fully functional drone with software that can identify important features through the eyes of a camera. As more parts arrive, we will be able to conduct tests on how accurate the drone is with identifying and landing in a safe area.

Lucas Way, Drone Project Lead


October has been a productive month for the BLUEsat satellite project. We have welcomed numerous new members into our teams, with most teams being made up of majority new members, and have begun a close collaboration with our groundstation project. This month we’ve been focusing on making sure that everyone has the skills we’ll need to develop our prototype next year and doing all the support work to make sure we can hit the ground running! 


K17 rooftop operations have restarted with the formation of a new team! This team is currently in training to familiarise themselves with the system, with presentations on the system architecture and use of git being given to assist with this. These K17 operations will aim to support the Satellite project as it continues to develop next year. 

Victor Tse, Groundstation Project Lead

High Altitude Balloon

The Balloon team has continued to make incremental progress this month with the Arduino HamShield, sensor module and flight simulation software. It is expected these aspects will be integrated in and tested with the existing incoming purchases in preparation for the next launch.

Jackson Cai, Balloon Team Member


The new executive team has been elected at BLUEsat’s AGM this month! Introducing Ricky Qu as Vice President, Garwerd Liang as CTO, Shinara Armitage as Media & Events Director, Annie Te as Secretary, Arthur Wang as Treasurer, Saurabh Jain as Arc Delegate, Michael Lloyd as OWR Representative and myself, Jackie Deng as President. The team has been slowly warming up to their new roles, absorbing the wisdom of the previous executives and are excited for a big year at BLUEsat.

Jackie Deng, President

Media & Events Director

This month we had some exciting opportunities come our way with multiple BLUEsat team members heading off to UNSW’s 70th Annual Anniversary where we showcased our latest Rover and Satellite projects. Our force of nature Olivia Yem also represented the club pitching her Satellite project at the recent Newspace Summit in Sydney’s Barangaroo. We’ve got our ears to the ground for all the latest and greatest updates happening in Sydney’s emerging space sector and we’re committed to contributing to its development.

Shinara Armitage, Media & Events Director

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