Partnerships Director

Team: N/A

Working Hours: Varied

Location: Online / Electrical Engineering Building (G17)

Minimum Commitment: 12 months

The Partnerships Director is essentially Bluesat’s intrapreneur. You will be creating opportunities out of existing relationships with industry, academics and faculty and fostering new relationships to create value for students, public and stakeholders. You will work directly with the President to ensure that our partnerships are aligned with our goals and organise resources from other teams do so.


  • Seek out opportunities to create events, projects and growth for Bluesat and determine viability and risks
  • Assess the strategic implications of existing and future relationships
  • Make recommendations for strategic alignments for teams to make the most out of opportunities
  • Plan and lead some of the collaborative efforts
  • Manages existing partnerships


  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Understanding of space industry or excited to learn
  • Frequently takes initiative
  • Comfortable with cold messaging / calling


  • Experience with SLPs
  • Leadership experience
  • Studying Commerce/Communications


  • Role and impact grows with you
  • Build relationships with other societies, industry and faculty – internationally too