About the Finance Team

The current mission is to launch a CubeSat into low earth orbit with a UV telescope as the payload. The Earth’s atmosphere filters out the UV and X-ray radiation emitted from stars and therefore ground-mounted telescopes cannot gather it. Astrophysicists have had to use an incomplete data set, excluding the high energy radiation that could reveal crucial information about stars and the structure of the universe.

But a telescope in orbit is outside the atmosphere and can gather information about the UV and X-ray emissions of stars. Furthermore, a satellite in orbit has far more range than a ground-mounted telescope because it can move freely throughout latitudes.


We’re planning to launch a satellite that we’re just beginning to design in December 2022 for a six-month mission. We have five sub-teams, three of which will be new this term.

This is an excellent chance to work on an engineering project with real-world applications following professional design standards.

This team focuses on developing a magnetorquer that can control the orientation of a CubeSat in space. The project allows team members to develop skills in circuit design and hardware interface using micro controllers. This is a team that has existed in previous iterations of the Satellite project and is currently being developed further.

Skills you will learn in the Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) Team

  • Circuit design using modules
  • Mechanical structure design
  • Programming for hardware interface
  • Integration of electrical, mechanical and computing systems

Assumed Knowledge

  • Integration of electrical, mechanical and computing systems
  • Basic programming/COMP1511
  • Basic circuit design/
  • ELEC1111Basic mechanics/MMAN1300
Budgeting Team

Power Team

This team designs a system that is capable of providing all the power the CubeSat needs to operate in space using solar panels. Members practice circuit design and the production and testing of electrical systems. This is also a team that has existed in the past, with plans to develop previous iterations of the design and improve on them.

*More information available below under our previous missions

Skills you will learn in the Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) Team

  • Practical soldering using soldering iron, hot air gun, and reflow oven
  • Electrical circuit design using various integrated circuits
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design
  • Power systems

Assumed Knowledge

  • Basic circuit design/ELEC1111

The communications team is the second new team for our current mission. The team will design a system that allows a ground station on Earth to communicate with the satellite in space. This team is ideal for those looking to apply telecommunications principles.

Skills you will learn in the Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) Team

  • Financial Accounting

Assumed Knowledge

  • Financial Accounting 1A / 1B

Current role opportunities: