Web Developer

Team: Marketing / IT

Working Hours: 11am to 4.30pm Saturdays

Location: Electical Engineering Building (G17) 120

Minimum Commitment: 12 Months

Responsible for a newer, faster website from scratch (without WP) that automates blog and event posting and online recruitment. We are looking for full stack, back end and front end developers.


  • Design and create new hosted website
  • Design and implement relational database system
  • Create interfaces for users to create blogs, events and roles
  • Create dashboards to manage databases
  • Ensure that page styling meets requirements set by branding guidelines
  • Maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade the website


  • Prior experience with web development
  • Understanding of web hosting and domains
  • Experience with OOP and design patterns (COMP1531, COMP2511 etc)


  • UI/UX/Graphic design
  • SEO experience
  • Full stack experience
  • Team management skills
  • Some flair with javascript libraries e.g. threejs


  • Experience building a website end-to-end
  • Fast user feedback cycles
  • Build something that adds immense value to the whole of BLUEsat
  • Connect with a passionate and dedicated team of space enthusiasts with a commitment to connect student with industry